LDL Leadership Development - Presentation Skills 1 Day Course

Mon 8 July 2024 9:30am - 5:30pm


Rosie Hobbs, 02073816233

£595 + VAT

A two-day presentation skills training course to develop your ability to communicate effectively and naturally on your feet.

The focus of the programme is on individual coaching, with each delegate given the chance to present to others in a safe environment, view video recordings, and receive feedback from an inspiring coach.

Anyone can learn how to be a more effective public speaker and presenter. This dynamic and engaging two-day presentation skills training course will show you how.

Delegates will learn:

How to overcome nerves.

How to write and prepare notes which are easy to use.

How to structure your presentation.

How to stand, where to look.

How to engage your audience. Learn what's missing when people are bored.

How to sell on your feet. Techniques which encourage the audience to buy your idea/product/service.

The importance of enthusiasm. The way we say things is often more important than what we say.

How to use stories, anecdotes and examples to breathe life into your presentation.

And much more...

Event Organised By

LDL Leadership Development


LDL offers sales training, management training, negotiation training and presentation skills training to organisations looking to grow and develop their people.

LDL training is available both open and bespoke, and our open courses offer fantastic opportunities to network with others in similar roles.

Our open programmes take place in London, but bespoke training is available throughout the UK and abroad. We have a proven reputation as an outstanding skills training provider across a broad range of sectors.

To find out more about LDL, please visit our website, email learning@ldl.co.uk or call us now on 020 7381 6233.

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