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Tue 11 April 2023 12:30-13:45


Talk Networking, 01780 693123

£12 (inc.VAT)

At Tables, we found out all the things that people hate about networking and we flipped them on their head to create a new style of meeting. One that is focused on people first.

Tables is completely different. Move around the room at your own pace, chatting to the people you want to get to know better. And when you decide you want to move on, simply just leave the table with no pressure to stay.

You can also expect a friendly welcome when you join your next table. There are no pitches, it's all just fully flexible chat.

If you want to build better relationships with people in a very relaxed environment, this is the perfect format for you.

What happens at Tables?

- Just as if you were networking in person, 50 people can chat in groups of 4, and you can move around the room freely

- With no pitches and going at your own pace, get quality and quantity

- Have more meaningful conversations with whomever you want to talk to

- It's very friendly, with no fear of being rude when leaving a group and you are acknowledged when joining a new group

- Leave with stronger connections and 121s

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Talk Networking


Talk Networking is an enjoyable, pay as you go networking community specifically designed to help businesses grow faster.

We all have our preferences, and we all have different needs at different points in time.

Whatever your requirement, however you like to network, we have a meeting for you.

All of our meetings are interactive, with every minute being dedicated to helping all our attendees make qualified referrals, quality connections and valuable collaborations.

Find out more about our formats https://talknetworking.co.uk/formats/

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