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Thu 27 April 2023 12:30-14:30


Talk Networking, 01780 693123

£18 (inc.VAT)

Mingle offers the perfect balance between pitching and interacting.

In every session, you'll meet lots of new people who will get to learn about your business, but you'll also have the time to explore what you're interested in too. This is why it's great for lead generation.

The structure is fair with everyone getting the same amount of time to discuss their business, but those extra few minutes after the pitching means you get to know people better, ensuring you leave with qualified connections and potential leads.

What happens at Mingle?

- Move through 7 rooms with only new people to speak to in every room

- Pitch for 1 minute, mingle for 5

- The format is structured and controlled so no one dominates the time

- Build leads with 30 people hearing about your business, with time to get to know lots of new faces too

- Leave with more connections, better quality 121s and more lead opportunities

Book your ticket via https://talknetworking.co.uk/event-page/

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Talk Networking


Talk Networking is an enjoyable, pay as you go networking community specifically designed to help businesses grow faster.

We all have our preferences, and we all have different needs at different points in time.

Whatever your requirement, however you like to network, we have a meeting for you.

All of our meetings are interactive, with every minute being dedicated to helping all our attendees make qualified referrals, quality connections and valuable collaborations.

Find out more about our formats https://talknetworking.co.uk/formats/

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