The Business Community - #BusComm Accountability Circle

Every Monday at 10am


Paul Green, 01604 269 610

£6 (no vat)

The Accountability Circle - a different style of meeting intended to help you get sh*t done and move your business forward.

The potential problem

You've got a to-do list as long as your arm and it just seems to be getting longer and longer, causing you to be...

...overwhelmed & frustrated

...stressed & anxious

...annoyed with yourself

The trouble is - if you are not checking off these actions as you go, then your business is stagnating and not moving forward.

So how do you overcome...


...lack of focus and enthusiasm?


The solution

Become part of the BusComm Accountability Circle. A weekly, online session open to everyone.

It's an opportunity to be held accountable for the actions you say you are going to do. Left to your own devices, you will more than likely let yourself off the hook when it comes to committing to what you say you are going to do.

Sharing your actions in a peer-to-peer environment will impact your business, enabling you to:

Keep on track

Be more productive and effective

Feel better

Discover a renewed passion for your business

Plus you get access to a free app as well as tools and resources to improve your time management and productivity.


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Event Organised By

The Business Community


Are you an ambitious, entrepreneurial business owner with a collaborative mindset? You are? Good!

You're in the right place.

Running your own business can be tough and the odds are against you - but don't worry! The support you need is on your doorstep - at next to no cost!

At The Business Community, we believe that, with the right support at the right price - any small business can succeed. With our positive attitude of mutual collaboration and a desire to share our collective wisdom and experience, we all have so much to gain:

~ Connections & contacts

~ Business advice and tips

~ Encouragement and support through the dark days

~ A pat on the back when things go well

The cost for these enormous business benefits? Membership of The Business Community comes in at only £26 per month (includes 1 meeting - cancel any time).

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