Yoo2Be Networking has rebranded to U2B Networking (U2BN)

Read our brand story below, which will give you an insight to who U2B Networking are and what we offer you in help. We are a young networking organisation, born, bred and founded in Great Britain. Our ambition is to have groups all across the country to help businesses and with your help, we can help you and others like you.

  • Andrew O'Connell (U2B Networking (U2BN))
  • Wednesday 1 July 2020

U2B Networking finds and brings out the winning factor about your business, challenges you to become the best at business you can be and showcases both your inspirational talents and those of others around you. At the heart of this lies a core value…How can we help you?

Founded in 2016 by 22 year Army Veteran and former Nestle PowWow site Director Andrew O'Connell U2B Networking has helped over 600 businesses find rapid growth.

Realising it can be hard to solve problems on our own and generate ideas for growth, Andrew joined several networking groups but quickly realised something was missing. So, he decided to put in what was, for him, missing from these groups "How Can We Help You?" (HCWHY) and U2B Networking's "How Can We Help You" referral meeting was born on the 5th September 2016. The value lies here, business owners getting together to help and find solutions for each other, together, as well as finding qualified business opportunity referrals.

Our Mission Statement

U2B Networking's mission is to build your success, by sharing knowledge, experience, and excellent connections, helping each other increase business by passing qualified referrals and achieve success with qualified professionals, through our "How Can We Help You" referral meetings.

Our Commitment to you

To give you the platform, connections, tools and help, that will achieve your success, educate, increase sales, build confidence and empower partners to build business success together.

The ethos of HCWHY delivers on three objectives:

• making you think clearly

• making you communicate clearly

• making you problem solve

Why, because those three factors allow a business to show their clear purpose leading to growth. Every meeting of U2B Networking cover's each of these objectives for you.

"I can directly relate my community spirit, new friendships, business growth and speaking with confidence to U2B Networking." Gee Corcoran, Meeting Director of U2BN Stafford North Group.

We are all about doing business better and having fun along the way. We work diligently to understand who our partners want to meet and where they are looking to grow. This results in fellow partners facilitating introductions for each other, supporting new ideas and providing business education. We run high quality events, are inclusive, use humour for the difficult times and have a good social time too, as another way to get to know each other.

You receive support from gaining an understanding of your business via strategic conversations to ensure you are achieving your business goals with a return on your investment and time given. As experts round the table we guide you through business changes, helping you to know how your business looks and sounds…encouraging you to tell your story.

We measure our success too, finance is just one metric…we believe in social capital, access to a wide variety of business experts, finding efficiencies and good relationships. In fact, we even measure how well we're doing between meetings.

You never know who knows more than you do, or who can put you in touch with several more customers. We are unified, supportive business networkers, who build business success together, so why not come and meet us to find out more. Progress guaranteed.

Dorz and I would love you to join us at one of our meetings and really get to know us and the partners and see how we will help your business grow in increased sales and increased connections.


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