BforB launches new group meetings in Birmingham, Coventry & Kenilworth

Former Insurance Healthcare Adviser and FSB membership coordinator Mark Edmunds relaunches his career with Business for Breakfast (BforB) after 2 years of taking necessary break for his family.

  • Mel Fisher (BforB UK)
  • Saturday 20 October 2018

Launching in the West Midlands, Mark recalls his 15 years in networking environments as his ideal job building vast diversity of connections with many business owners in the area. Having worked closely with numerous small to medium sized businesses and entrepreneurs he understands that there are shortfalls in some "styles of networking".

He said, "There are some really good ones and there are a lot not so good, and hand on heart speaking from experience there are networking that promised referrals but never delivered and some with too much pressure to pass referrals". We all know in reality building relationships to gain trust and be consistent to gain the like and confidence in passing of referrals takes time which is the essence here at BforB.

In particular, he remembers attending an event in Coventry and was asked "have you got any business from here yet, and how long have you been coming?" he replied "6 weeks", the gentleman commented "this is my second visit and if I don't get anything today I'm never coming again".

Mark maintains his close connections with schools, universities and colleges in his local area and has worked in conjunction with them on various business networking projects over the years. A journey he wishes to revisit with BforB.

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