Bird Board is flying into Stockport

Business woman Frances Day has plans to launch Bird Board in Stockport and beyond during 2018. Starting on Wednesday 28th March, Bird Board launches its very first Stockport Board at the conveniently located Village Hotel Cheadle. There are new boards planned in Manchester City Centre, Salford Quays, Preston and Oldham which will all be taking flight before Easter of this year.

  • Frances Day (Bird Board Ltd)
  • Monday 12 March 2018

The launch is an opportunity to come and find out more about Bird Board and meet women who are already involved, to ask questions and get a feel for how it works and to try a board to see whether it is for you.

Frances said, "It feels like the timing of Bird Board is just right. There is such a lot of discussion about women's rights and equality. We provide a safe and nurturing space where women are encouraged to tap into their strengths and be authentic and empowered."

Unlike many existing women's networking and referral groups, Bird Board is not primarily about getting together to promote your business (although that tends to happen naturally) but instead aims to bring together a group of experienced women, who collectively provide support and solutions to real life-work issues. Whatever the challenges of the individual business owners, the wealth of professional expertise in the groups provides a fresh, intelligent perspective to those workplace problems.

Bird Board started in 2014 after Frances realised there was gap in the market for a support group of powerful, like minded businesswomen. She said, "Although friends and family mean well, they don't have the shared experience and knowledge of other business owners. Not only do women have their own unique business challenges, but are invariably trying to balance work with family and home life. They also naturally have nurturing and supportive personalities. It was important for me to create an environment where they felt safe in the knowledge that they could share concerns and challenges in a confidential environment."

As the local Boards are each limited to just 12 women members with only one per business sector, the demand is high for membership.

Businesswomen interested in attending a board can visit for more information.

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