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Why I set up a Christian Business Network

  • Samuel Leeds (Training Kings)
  • Tuesday 30 August 2016

Let me start from the beginning. Around 8 years ago I became a Christian and believe God put a calling on my life. I had no idea what that calling was but became very active in my church and set up a property business. I spend three years at Birmingham Bible Institute and ended up travelling all over the world in some of the poorest countries doing charity and mission work. Fortunately, God smiled on my property investment business and I was able to fund myself without having to get sponsors. Despite only working on my business part-time, I became financially free very quickly and accumulated a good sized property portfolio.

At this point, some of my Christian mentors told me to stop working on the business as I may fall into the trap of 'the love of money' when owning too many houses.

This began to make me feel guilty and I grappled with the issue of money and the bible. I noticed many churches seemed to think that they more money you have the less holy you are. This led to people wearing poverty like a badge of honour. The flip side to that was a prosperity gospel that says if you are broke you are in sin! I have issues with this unhealthy prosperity teaching.

The truth is that money is neither good nor bad but just a tool. God is very happy to make lots of money but expects us to be generous. As long as we hold all blessings with an open hand and a humble heart.

Once I had come to terms with this philosophy I began to become even more successful in business yet also more effective as a Kingdom builder. I could write cheques out to charities without having to worry about paying my own bills. I even began to fund projects myself that I taken on in third world countries.

However, there was still a problem. So many other Christian business people were isolated and holding their faith and their business in two different hands. Some were even subconsciously sabotaging their success in business in order to be 'holy'.

This inspired me to set up Training Kings. A place where Christians can be inspired and equipped to be successful in business. An environment where success is celebrated and encouraged but ultimately to make a difference in the community and across the world, not for our egos but for His glory.

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