How to use local expos to grow your business

Discover how to use local business exhibitions and business shows to grow your business.

  • Matthew Larcome (B2B Expos UK)
  • Monday 8 June 2015

You see it and hear it everywhere. Business coaches, business books, online courses, seminars, webinars and yes, even blog articles - they all tell us the same thing… they can help us grow our businesses. But let's think about that for a minute.

What does 'grow your business' actually mean?

Does it mean it will help grow the number of employees I have? Does it mean it will help increase my turnover or profits? Perhaps they mean to grow my business by increasing sales, the number of produces we sell or improving our services…

The truth is you can't trust the expression '…to grow your business.' You just can't! Especially when it's as vague as that! In order to truly understand why something can help you 'grow' your business you first need to know how. How will you help me grow my business? How will your book help me grow my business? How will exhibiting at my local expo help me to grow my business?

Fortunately we've done our homework and have the answer to those question. I too run my own business, Memo Events, which I started on my own back in 2011, so I appreciate how important it is to fully understand how something will work before signing up or registering or even wasting my valuable time listening to something or reading something…

So here's how exhibiting at events can help you grow your business. Firstly, booking a stand at your local business show is arguably the fastest and quickest way of meeting a lot of people in one single day.

A good event organiser will also refer your business and recommend people to your stand to discover more about your services.

Secondly, exhibiting provides you with the platform to focus on your core objectives. Whatever your goal, you'll probably find that exhibiting at your local business expo will help you achieve the results you want.

Perhaps you're looking at generating leads, raising your business profile, making new connections, building your database of local business contacts or even launching a new product, collecting feedback, showcasing your own customers or recruiting for new staff - again, whatever your goal you can achieve all of that by being smart and by being at your local business show.

It's a bad habit for an event organisers to over promise when selling exhibition stands. It's like that in most sale scenarios. But with Memo Events we take the pressure out of the equation. You either want to exhibit or you don't. We can either help you grow your business or we can't. It really is as simple as that.

But the secret to using a local expo to grow your business is to establish 'how' you want to grow your business. Decide on your goals, aims and objectives. Figure out what you want to get out of the event and then share your ambitions with the event organiser.

At Memo Events, we work with our customers to understand your goals and objectives so that we can help deliver the results you want.

So to grow your business at your local expo, make sure you're clear on the objective and I guarantee you'll have a better exhibiting experience!

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