Looking for a #BforB hero?

We all need a hero in our hour of need, whether they are world famous or closer to home. So let's celebrate the contribution these heroes have made to humanity in honour of National Hero Day at Business for Breakfast (BforB) Staffordshire Ladies. Your chance has come to walk in the footsteps of your favourite hero (fictional or real life)!

  • Stuart Walton (Conspicuous CBM Ltd)
  • Tuesday 8 October 2013

National Hero Day

This fantastic one day event takes place across the UK on Monday 21st October 2013. As a strong-willed business lady, you are already known for making big changes and driving for what you believe in. We're taking this a step further and want you to impress us with your super-hero vision, strength and demeanour.

Stone - Tuesday 22nd October

Stoke - Wednesday 23rd October

Alsager - Tuesday 29th October

You may see yourself as Wonder Woman or someone you know locally who has saved a life. Your choice of hero is personal and for a variety of reasons and we want you to take pride in celebrating the day with us.

With an out of this world prize for the best dressed/best concept hero what more could you strive for?


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