Friday 4th October 2013: Women In Business Event - AnnMarie Hanlon author of Digital Marketing to Speak at Event

Digital Marketing is hot topic for Autumn Conference! One of the regions Digital Marketing experts is set to help women learn more about the biggest global professional networking sites at the latest Headz Up Business conference. Digital Marketing expert and Author, Annmarie Hanlon is to show business women how to make the most of Linked In and understand its true potential for generating business opportunities.

  • Pushpa Alexander (Headz Up Business)
  • Monday 9 September 2013

Annmarie's presentation on "Why Linked In is More Important than Your Website" will take place at the 'Ladies Give Your Business a Boost' conference on Friday 4 October.

The event taking place at Walsall Bescot stadium will bring together more than 150 business women and professionals from across the region to make business connections and be inspired by the keynote speakers to take away and use some of the key insights presented at the event.

Annmarie is a digital, content and strategic marketing specialist and Director of Evonomie® Ltd, a Birmingham based digital marketing consultancy. She will describe in detail how to use Linked In for Business and provide useful tips and practical guidance for delegates to take away and implement.

The author of 'Quick Win Marketing' and 'Quick Win Digital Marketing' is currently working on her third book 'Quick Win Social Marketing' was thrilled at the opportunity to speak at the conference.

Annmarie describes Headz Up Business events as "vibrant, educational and fun" and jumped at the opportunity to speak at the conference.

Some business owners don't understand the potential of Linked In and compare it to Facebook, but Hanlon will help delegates understand why it's so vital for business.

She said: "Linked In has become the number one professional networking site. It's a business database and first place to search for contacts. My latest book explores Linked In and how business owners can manage the database they don't own!

Many business owners are getting left behind by ignoring Linked In and some business owners think it's a waste of time. I will help delegates understand the potential for generating business leads"

Annmarie will reveal the seven major mistakes to avoid, the four step sales process for generating business leads and useful tips on Linked In etiquette.

Pushpa Alexander, Founder of Headz Up Business added:

"We are delighted to have Annmarie as a keynote speaker. Linked In is an important social media channel for businesses today. With over 10 million UK users the power of Linked In is very difficult to ignore.

Annmarie will share her secrets and tips on how to make the most of your time and the right way to build and manage a successful Linked In network."

Annmarie Hanlon is one of the keynote speakers at the conference, along with international trainer and coach, Lorna D Sheldon, writing mentor and author, Nicci Fletcher, and personal styling and image consultant, Libby Walton.

For more information on the event and to book tickets, please visit, or email Tickets are £30 per and includes lunch & refreshments.

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