Endeavour Images Ltd supports event for women in business on International Women's Day! Friday 8th March 2013.

'Ladies, Give Your Business a Boost!,' celebrating International women's day will be taking place on Friday 8th March at Walsall Football Club, an event exclusively for women business's to network with each other organised by Pushpa Alexander, Headz Up Business. Nicole Hynek, from Endeavour Images Ltd is a strong business women who understands the importance of networking as a key ingredient to business success! Headz Up Business is delighted that Endeavour will will be supporting the event by capturing the day with photography and video.

  • Pushpa Alexander (Headz Up Business)
  • Monday 25 February 2013

Business networking is an effective low cost marketing method for developing sales opportunities by meeting and being introduced to key decision makers. A large majority of business networking takes place in unsocialable hours as early as 7.30am in the morning and is very much male dominated. Pushpa Alexander, from Headz Up Business was keen to ensure that as many women professionals were involved in the event showcasing their products and is delighted that Endeavours agreed to capture the special day with photographic images and film.

With the explosion of social media marketing, video and photography is an essential part of telling prospects, customers about their products and services. Used effectively these mediums are excellent in generating leads, providing brand awareness of business products, and can business growth. We all know that making the right impression is very important in business and a professional photo can assist in giving a business the successful image it really needs. A short promotional video can assist in ensuring that a business's products and services are seen in the best possible way, reputations can be increased and visibility heightened. Nicole is looking forward to talking to delegates about how her photography, film making can help promote, market business's products and services.

Nicole is extremely passionate about her photography 'Emotional, conceptual and creative' are some of the words to describe the unique qualities of her work. So whether it is fine art, corporate or just a family photo you will appreciate professional, quirky, thoughtful and innovative approach. They say 'photography is both an art and a science,' and Nicole after working in the industry for almost a decade believes that the 'art' is easily the most important of the two.'

The focus of the Headz Up Business event on 8th March, will be to bring together the regions women business owners, corporates, entrepreneurs, professionals, leading educators to provide and encourage business opportunities by networking with each other. Delegates attending will be able to access information from a number of business's exhibiting who will be showcasing their business support products and services. The event will also provide motivational and inspirational talks from leading business women sharing business success to encourage ideas and business growth.

With an expected turnout of over hundred women business owners and professionals to attend Friday 8th March at Walsall Football Club, together with the support of Endeavour Images Ltd, the event is set to be a success with a unique business environment providing opportunities for women professionals to connect and grow their business !


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