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Launch of www.guruspot.co.uk

  • Angela Paterson (Guruspot.co.uk)
  • Thursday 5 August 2010

A group of entrepreneurs has pulled together to inspire early stage businesses move out of recession and into the next decade - with an online media channel offering top tips.

Guruspot (www.guruspot.co.uk) launched today, is a free service for business owners capturing words of wisdom and delivering them via video.

The site will offer a host of other services including recommending books on leadership and running a business. It will also link to other relevant websites, videos and list networking groups in Scotland.

Co-ordinator for the project is Angela Paterson - who has a wealth of business contacts after spending 4 years on the board of the Entrepreneurial Exchange. She currently advises a number of high growth potential businesses and also works on business turnarounds.

Paterson says 'Over the past two years we have seen a number of companies simply move along in 'survival mode'. The time has come for people to dust off their bigger business dreams, their growth or exit plans and move forward.

We wanted to provide a one stop resource for people - somewhere they can have access to the experience of high profile entrepreneurs - and free of charge. We are delighted to be featuring amazing talents like Chris van Der Kuyl from brightsolid and Hamish Robertson from Robertson Technologies giving us their pearls of wisdom.

However, we want to appeal to all business owners - regardless of level of business or sector. So we will be featuring 'gurus' from all industries - from tiny shop owners through to CEO's of major corporations.

The Guruspot team have appointed the services of Capture Media - to catch the Gurus on film. Paterson continues 'We needed a film team that understood what we were trying to achieve - and Chief Capturer, Oliver Farrimond has an impressive track record in this area - working in leading edge journalism and filming top business leaders such as the online Dragons Den entrepreneur, Shaf Rasul.


Guruspot is a not for profit project.


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