Business Networking Revival

Circle Events Network reports an increase in the number and types of businesses networking.

  • Alastair Brookes (Circle Events Network)
  • Monday 20 July 2009

AS more businesses chase fewer customers, companies of all sizes are turning to networking as a way to reach out to potential new business.

The basics of business networking haven't changed but this recession has brought about a revival in the numbers and type of businesses getting involved. Traditionally networking was the preserve of the select few who would meet in small groups to exchange business contacts. Today, networking is much more open and the benefits are clear for all types of business.

Alastair Brookes co-creator of Hagley based group Circle Events explains "In a recession people and businesses become more cautious and return to what they know best. This means building partnerships and getting to know business contacts better, before deciding to deal with them. Networking events are the ideal way to do this and in my opinion that's why they have seen such resurgence."

Our events regularly attract 100 attendees and play host to an exhibition of 15 local businesses. Event organiser Sophie Bullock explains "By using a range of networking techniques, our events can help attendees get more from business networking"

The network describes itself as 'the place where busy people meet to get connected' and with interest from across the region; they could be on to something.

Those wishing to find out more or to book an event, can contact Circle Events Network on 01384 359103 or email

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