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First Friday is a business networking event held monthly with meetings across the south coast. The network is looking to expand nationally and needs self motivated, fun networkers to help us grow. The concept is: fun, relaxed and no 'lock-outs' - just an informal gathering in a welcoming environment ...it's that Friday feeling!

Most network companies charge the attendees to meet each other - pressurising members to achieve value for money against the clock whilst frantically looking to make that elusive contact. At the monthly First Friday meetings it's free to attend enabling the visitor to relax and be themselves. Also, the paid for breakfast meetings create a welcoming relaxed atmosphere that naturally leads to business and referrals being done.

Why should I run a Monthly First Friday Network meeting?

Whether you are a new or established business the exposure of being the organiser of a busy network event like First Friday is priceless. Your company details appear on all marketing material and it is your name that will be mentioned when people refer new guests to visit. The cost of gaining this level of exposure would normally be prohibitive, especially if you had to buy advertising space, but the network acts as your word-of-mouth sales force! Becoming an organiser boosts your image as a trustworthy individual to do business with.

What will it cost me?

Currently we are charging just £120 a year, if you would like full details please get in touch with Steve Wilson via the Request Info button.

Current Licensees have stated that the cost of setting up and running a First Friday event has been recovered many times over from the contacts, and subsequent work, they have made at meetings!

Become an organiser for First Friday Network meetings and soon you’ll be the most influential networker in your area without having to attend every other event under the sun! Whether you are a new or established business the exposure of being the organiser of a busy network event like First Friday is highly valuable.

So how does the First Friday formula differ from other groups? The principle of the meetings is simple – give people as much time as possible to talk to each other. Don’t separate them or make them do organised tasks – they are there to meet each other and create contacts naturally. If they wanted a lecture, they’d go to one!

We want you to benefit from your efforts... There is no management structure stripping profits, no area manager pushing you to make money – the more successful you make the group the more you promote your own core business! We will provide you with all the promotional material, website, email and support you need to get the meetings off the ground, and help you through every step of the process.

Don't just take my word for it... This is what other organisers have to say about the First Friday Network and why they love it so much.

Kay Phillips, Director, kayphillips.co.uk

"Steves passion for Networking and the importance of building business relationships is the key as to why the First Friday Network is such a huge success. His understanding that small companies need to get out there and network without being tied into a monthly payment – or penalised if unable to attend – filled a gap in the market. His drive and ambition for empowering and enabling companies to build their networks – throughout the south coast – has become a tremendous success. I would recommend Steve and First Friday to anyone."

Tony Hedger, Director, A&T Business Associates Ltd

"I first met Steve at First Friday Chichester and was impressed with him and his networking event. I spoke to him after attending several First Friday events about setting up one in Worthing. His support to allow this to happen has been great, with very quick turn around allowing me to set up the first Worthing event within 10 days. He also gave me some great advice on how to make people aware of the event, which worked so well we had over 40 businesses at our first event! A great networker"

If you are interested in finding out how you can earn money while networking and promoting you then get in touch by clicking on the Request Info button below.

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