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Tue 23 January 2018 7am - 8:30am

Lyn Jones, 07971236914

Ramada Park Hall Hotel, Park Drive , Wolverhampton , WV4 5AJ

£12.00 no VAT

Why book on and come to a Yoo2Be Networking meeting?

This is not a meeting of small talk, time wasters, speakers filling in time and collecting business cards that you won't use or ever hear from again. This is a powerful, proactive, prosperous breakfast meeting for the ambitious, serious business owner, who understands the value of networking as well as business development. You see, like it or not, at the majority of meetings people are just out for themselves, because they have not realised or been part of a group, where great networking to grow your business involves commitment and the desire to really help other people consistently at a meeting, with people who really have a desire to help you. You will leave our meetings having built new relationships and a way forward to new business opportunities, help with your strategies, marketing and branding for generating new business and more income in your business, from some of the most successful and brightest business owners in the region. This is what else we offer you as part of our network:

1. Written business opportunities passed between members at every meeting.

2. Transparent records of what business you receive and give for your rewards and own records.

3. All members become part of the Yoo2Be Networking profit share scheme as soon as they join.

4. Members receive rewards for bringing guests and passing business opportunities.

5. 3 monthly cash incentive reward, on top of your profit share scheme.

6. All Access Pass to any Yoo2Be meeting anywhere at a reduced cost. (dependant on membership level attained)

7. The top membership level reached, means you will never pay for any Yoo2Be Networking meeting again whilst a member.

8. Membership covers, individual and company, there are no added fees, one price covers all. No stipulation on who represents you at the meeting. No compulsory attendance.

9. Nothing is forced at the meetings. Do the action, contribute, get rewarded, receive new business, that simple.

10. Free business and personal development training.

11. Low cost, value for money membership. Members typically get their membership back in rewards or new business within 2 to 4 months.

12. Your own business profile write up, with links to your website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on the Yoo2Be Networking website.

13. An ethos "It's all about you" This is about you getting new business and making money, not us making money off the back of you. It's why membership is affordable for all and 12 months to build long lasting relationships.

14. All group meetings are run with the philosophy of "How can we help you". The meeting format is designed that all present help each other and so grow with new business and are successful together as a unit. This is very powerful and working to great effect.

However, this above is just writing and anyone can talk a good game, we would rather our actions speak for us and so invite you to this meeting or any of our others and see for yourself. This is the only way to find out if you are missing out on taking your business to another level and if we would be a good fit for each other. This is not just about putting bums on seats but ensuring new members buy into our ethos and philosophy. If you want to grow your business and help others whilst doing it, we look forward to meeting you, as we have so much to offer you and your business.

What you want to know: Our membership fee is just £199 for 12 months. That is only 56p a day for potential £1'000's in business. On joining all members become part of the new member profit share scheme and automatically have an All Access Pass to any meeting. Yoo2Be Networking pays a cash incentive of every 3 months to a member. Members typically see their investment return within 2 to 4 months.

If you have not visited our website, take a look at the why choose Yoo2Be (a drop down from what is Yoo2Be)


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Yoo2Be Networking


Networking is the most cost effective and productive way to acquire prospective clients, especially at Yoo2Be Networking where we reward our  members which can cover the cost of membership and meeting fees. It is also a great environment to meet new business contacts. Yoo2Be meetings are business orientated in a friendly exchange of completing business, building new business relationships, expanding into the networks of new business contacts, gaining knowledge from the many experienced speakers we have fortnightly and making new business contacts as well as having fun with the member banter around the room. The meetings start at 6:30 pm or 07:30am but most people arrive between 6pm and 6:15pm and 7am and 7:15am for informal networking beforehand. Food and refreshments are available from 6:15pm and 07:15am whilst you continue to network. On arrival you will be given a ticket with 4 chances of receiving your meeting fee back and other rewards.The meeting starts at 6:45pm or 07:45am with a "Showcase Your Business".

If you would like to mix with professional business entrepreneurs, create business, turnover and profit and meet other Yoo2Be Networking members to see how they will help you grow and expand your business, then contact:



Everyone who wants to build business leads, contacts and new customers in a structured but relaxed and friendly fun atmosphere with rewards whilst doing it are welcome.

Our ethos is built on helping each other to grow and the like, know, trust philosophy, so we have no stipulation or restriction on any businesses offering the same or similar services or products, we are inclusive not exclusive, great business is built on long term relationships and we encourage everyone to work together to grow and build very successful businesses. We have no restriction on who represents you at the meeting if you cannot make it and no restriction on the amount of times this is done. Yoo2Be Networking appreciates you, your time and your actions and we reward this. Yoo2Be Networking is friendly and welcoming and we would love for you to come along and meet us. 

See how you can get :

12 months membership for free

meetings free of charge

cash rewards up to over £500

rewards for passing business

rewards for joining

Access to a interactive member profile page on the Yoo2Be Networking website and a members only community to advertise on.

more business contacts

A member buddy to help you ease in as a member and help your business to grow

access to providing a service to a relatively untapped market

We have meetings around the country which are held every fortnight at £15 for the evening meetings and just £10 for the breakfast meetings refreshments are free and all you can eat, For updates on our meetings or to watch a video of a Yoo2Be meeting, like our Facebook page at


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The Yoo2Be Team - 


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