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Mon 22 January 2018 6:30pm - 8pm

Dorz O'Connell, 07399520398

Roman Way Hotel, Watling Street , Cannock , WS11 1SB

£15.00 no VAT

Let's start with what most want to know before even reading any further. Is it a membership and is there an annual fee? The answer to both these questions is yes. Why? Because Yoo2Be Networking offers you a place of guaranteed business, research shows that businesses that grow and are successful from networking are associated with at least 1 if not 2 membership paying organisations. We also offer our members a profit share scheme, this means members get paid a % of a part of Yoo2Be Networking profits. As well as cash incentives (see below) on top of all the new business, business development, personal development and free training you get, for a really competetive and low cost 12 month membership. It equates to just 56p a day, for £1'000's in new business. Now you can read about us and the great value we offer.

Yoo2Be Networking is a British company and totally independent, it is not a franchise, which means the members have full control and a voice over their meetings and we are not just trying to put bums on seats to pay our franchise fees. Are you a new business looking for help to get more business, we are being recommended as the genuine no1 meeting for brand new businesses and businesses less than 2 years old. Our ethos of "it is all about you" along with our unique meeting format, member profit share, rewards scheme, All Access Meeting Pass and low cost membership fee, is being hailed as a perfect intro into networking for new businesses. You might be an established small to medium business who are not getting the results you hoped to get or thought you would get, you might have a small budget for marketing and advertising. At Yoo2Be Networking we take responsibility for your growth, success and return on low investment, Yoo2Be Networking Company's have a philosophy of "how can I help you" members come with the desire to help their fellow members and this is working, because you have a room of businesses with the same goal of growth, all asking each other how they can help you get more business. Our founder states Yoo2Be Networking is solely about you and your business and succeeding through growth and sales and his goal through Yoo2Be Networking  to help you achieve that. You receive rewards and much more value for your low cost investment, with the member profit share paying you back your membership low cost investment. We would love to welcome you to our Cannock meeting, where you will make profitable relationships in the Cannock and surrounding areas and nationally, to grow your business. We have a broad range of company sizes from start ups, small & medium, to large, all helping and supporting each other. Each meeting guarantees written busines opportunities, a platform to showcase your business in a supportive, non overwhelming environment,a format to gain confidence, a friendly, family atmosphere, new contacts, rewards and a real professional meeting format to drive your business forward and to grow your business.

The Cannock Company meet every 2 weeks on a Monday evening at 6:30pm at The Roman Way Hotel.

We invite you to come and join us, and find out all about us and how Yoo2Be works so well for our members and will work for you. 

What can you expect at this meeting:

We meet at 6:25pm and catch up with everyone and introduce guests to the members.

We sit down for a 2 course dinner at 6:35pm where the meeting format starts, which is unique, fresh and works. (go to our website for a full breakdown of the meeting format at www.yoo2benetworking.com). The meeting finishes at 8pm. 

We offer you more than just a business meeting every 2 weeks, we give you a place where "it's all about you"


How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

Please email Andrew O'Connell at a.o@yoo2be.com or phone on 07827769681 with any queries.

What do I need to know before attending a Yoo2Be Networking Meeting?

Come to experience a business meeting like no other, be prepared to have lots of people in the room ask you how they can help your business grow and get more business, bring plenty of business cards, a pull up banner if you have one and any other marketing material you have i.e products, flyers, with you. Have a short 1 minute description of your business ready, however do not stress about this, if your not ready to stand and talk in front of people, that is ok, you don't have to, everyone in that room is there for you and wants to support you.

Is there a meeting fee payable on the day?

Yes, all of our groups charge a small fee which varies depending on the time of meeting. This fee is £12 for breakfast or £15 for dinner and also covers the venue hire.

How do I  join Yoo2Be Networking?

Firstly book onto a meeting. If you enjoy the meeting and see the potential to grow your business with us, speak to the meeting Operations Officer, who will answer any questions for you. We do not harass you at the end of the meeting, we find if you want to join you will come and ask the questions. That is your decision, which we respect.

What you want to know: Our membership fee is just £199 for 12 months. On joining all members become part of the new member profit share scheme. Yoo2Be Networking pays an incentive of £200 every 3 months to a member. Members typically see their investment return within 1 to 2 months.

If you have not visited our website, take a look at the why choose Yoo2Be (a drop down from what is Yoo2Be)


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Yoo2Be Networking


Networking is the most cost effective and productive way to acquire prospective clients, especially at Yoo2Be Networking where we reward our  members which can cover the cost of membership and meeting fees. It is also a great environment to meet new business contacts. Yoo2Be meetings are business orientated in a friendly exchange of completing business, building new business relationships, expanding into the networks of new business contacts, gaining knowledge from the many experienced speakers we have fortnightly and making new business contacts as well as having fun with the member banter around the room. The meetings start at 6:30 pm or 07:30am but most people arrive between 6pm and 6:15pm and 7am and 7:15am for informal networking beforehand. Food and refreshments are available from 6:15pm and 07:15am whilst you continue to network. On arrival you will be given a ticket with 4 chances of receiving your meeting fee back and other rewards.The meeting starts at 6:45pm or 07:45am with a "Showcase Your Business".

If you would like to mix with professional business entrepreneurs, create business, turnover and profit and meet other Yoo2Be Networking members to see how they will help you grow and expand your business, then contact:



Everyone who wants to build business leads, contacts and new customers in a structured but relaxed and friendly fun atmosphere with rewards whilst doing it are welcome.

Our ethos is built on helping each other to grow and the like, know, trust philosophy, so we have no stipulation or restriction on any businesses offering the same or similar services or products, we are inclusive not exclusive, great business is built on long term relationships and we encourage everyone to work together to grow and build very successful businesses. We have no restriction on who represents you at the meeting if you cannot make it and no restriction on the amount of times this is done. Yoo2Be Networking appreciates you, your time and your actions and we reward this. Yoo2Be Networking is friendly and welcoming and we would love for you to come along and meet us. 

See how you can get :

12 months membership for free

meetings free of charge

cash rewards up to over £500

rewards for passing business

rewards for joining

Access to a interactive member profile page on the Yoo2Be Networking website and a members only community to advertise on.

more business contacts

A member buddy to help you ease in as a member and help your business to grow

access to providing a service to a relatively untapped market

We have meetings around the country which are held every fortnight at £15 for the evening meetings and just £10 for the breakfast meetings refreshments are free and all you can eat, For updates on our meetings or to watch a video of a Yoo2Be meeting, like our Facebook page at


Kind regards

The Yoo2Be Team - 


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