BNI Birmingham - BNI Momentum

Fri 15 September 2017 06.45am - 09.00am

Penny Higgs, 07540899907

The Regency Hotel, Stratford Road , Shirley , Solihull , Birmingham , B90 4EB


BNI Momentum is a professional networking group for ambitious individuals and companies who want to build worthwhile and profitable relationships in Solihull and surrounding areas.

The Momentum Group meet every Friday at 06:45am at Corus Regency Hotel, Shirley.

Momentum has built its success on welcoming visitors who get the opportunity to meet many individual businesses and share their own business's benefits and goals with the group. Visitors can attend twice in 6 months before deciding if they'd like to apply to join the group.

Every member and visitor if they wish, will have the opportunity during the meeting to speak for 60 secs about: WHO they are, WHAT they do, HOW they add value to their clients and WHO they would like to be referred to. Please bring plenty of business cards with you to hand around to our members and visitors.

BNI is not just the most successful networking organisation in Birmingham and Coventry - it's the most successful organisation of its kind in the world! Our BNI groups meet every week, so we're confident we have at least one major new business referral waiting for you right now. So what are you waiting for?

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BNI Birmingham

BNI offers a wealth of resources to help you seize new opportunities and avoid pitfalls, taking your business to the next level: making it more profitable, more effective and more successful than you ever thought possible.

More Profitable - Your fellow members become your unpaid marketing team, actively seeking new business for you.

More Effective - BNI's structured, supportive and professional environment is the perfect place to gain practical advice, learn valuable new business skills and achieve best practice.

More Successful - Word of mouth is still the best way to win new business. BNI shows you how to develop relationships built upon trust so other can confidently refer new business to you.

We welcome visitors, there is no pressure to join, we are happy for you to join us at one of our chapter meetings and see what BNI is all about.

Come along - you might be pleasantly surprised!

BNI - Changing the way the world does business.

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