Motivation Matters Limited - Ipswich Entrepreneurs' Lunch

Mon 17 June 2019 11.45 to 2pm

Stephen Walker, 01787 378851

The Ipswich Hotel, Copdock, Old London Rd , Ipswich , IP8 3JD

£22 inc VAT

Join us for a busy lunch with entrepreneurs like you. You'll have the chance to talk about who you are and listen to presentations and take part in one-to-ones..

This month Tony Wightman presents

You will be amazed how talking to other entrepreneurs makes you realise your problems are not unique, but your talents are.

Over lunch you can make good connections, discover opportunities and hear tips from the experts - the other entrepreneurs in the room!

If you wish to deliver one of the mini-presentations, please contact us.

Booking is essential, please contact the Organizer.

Ipswich Business Networking over lunch is a great way to make new contacts and build long-lasting relationships.

Event Organised By

Motivation Matters Limited

Expertcircles is the embodiment of our vision—we want to make things better.

This business network is friendly, professional and effective. The network works, that means you get business, when the members have seen you regularly, seen you perform and assessed if you know what you're talking about.

Naturally this takes months and the commitment to each other is deep, because we trust each other, because we have seen what each of us can do.

This is a membership network but the cost is reasonable.

So don't be shy come and try! You will be amazed I promise

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