NRG Business Networks Ltd - Bath Networking Lunch & Workshop

Thu 12 October 2017 11am - 2:30pm

Martin Davies, 08454080639

Combe Grove Manor Hotel, Brassknocker Hill , Bath , BA2 7HS

£27.50 + VAT

Facilitated Networking for the Directors and Partners of established businesses and professional Firms.

The monthly NRG Lunch Events are structured to ensure you get to meet new people, and build trusted relationships with people you already know, like and rate.

The Mastermind session is for business support from your peers and the expert speaker helps you sharpen your business skills.

Guests Welcome.

More details and online booking for this and all NRG events at


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Event Organised By

NRG Business Networks Ltd

Are you the Director of a Business or Partner in a Professional Firm and your best business comes via recommendation, and you know the real value of building a network?

At NRG we work with people like you to help you to build a trusted network for business, support and friendship.

Join us at one of our monthly events to see if the NRG approach would suit you and your business.

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