The Oxfordshire Project - Didcot

Wed 14 February 2018 10:00 - 12:00

Svetlina Jeannerett, 07939 598 779

Horticulture House, Manor Court , Chilton , Didcot , OX11 0RN

£20 No VAT (£15 Members)

The Oxfordshire Project is a business networking community set up to support and help local businesses to grow.

Our focus is on building a community rather than just contacts, and our members benefit from the supportive community of businesses who trust each other and work towards the same goal.

Our speaker will be Hayley West.

Do you trust your gut?

Have you ever used or heard the term "butterflies in your stomach", "gut wrenching" or "gut feeling"?

If you thought your emotions resided in your brain, why do you think you feel them in your stomach?

Your gut and brain are directly connected and the health of your gut can impact your state of mind.

Come and find out about your microbiome, its effect on your "second brain" and how by taking care of your gut you are also boosting your mood, memory, immunity and metabolism.

Event Organised By

The Oxfordshire Project

Our mission is to impact the local businesses of Oxfordshire in a positive way, providing assistance and support to new and existing businesses, encouraging the community at large to support local business and help them grow.

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