The Athena Network South East Herts and Enfield - Athena Network - Enfield West

Tue 28 September 2021 12pm -2pm

ONLINE currently - Event previously held in Enfield

Rosy Holt, 07711 361368

£24.00 for current Athena members £30.00 for visitors includes lunch, refreshments and Vat.

Networking the ATHENA way is especially for business women wanting to promote their own business or that of their employer, make new contacts, develop business expertise and explore visionary ideas.

We meet monthly and are an extremely friendly group. If you are interested in coming along to share the connections, inspiration, support and the camaraderie of likeminded women, we guarantee you will meet some interesting business owners, enjoy informal networking time as well as a sit down lunch.

At each meeting we have two business presentations with topics very relevant to women in business and networking generally; you will also have the chance to identify people you would like to meet up with in the future.

You do need to register in advance to attend the structured business meetings at the cost of £30.00 for visitors and £24.00 for Athena Members which includes the meeting fee, lunch, tea or coffee.

We only allow one member per profession in each of the groups we run so when you join us you can be sure of "locking out" your competitors.

To book please email rosy.holt@theatheanthenanetwork.com or call 07711 361 368

Follow me on Twitter @RosyHolt or LIKE us on Facebook www.facebook.com/#!/NetworkingtheAthenaWayinSouthEastHertsandEnfield

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The Athena Network South East Herts and Enfield


Networking the Athena Way in South East Herts and Enfield organisers of monthly structured lunchtime business networking meetings for professional women.

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