Mums UnLtd - St Albans & Northampton Mums UnLtd (Online)

Thu 13 May 2021 10:00am - 11:30am

ONLINE currently - Event previously held in St Albans

Debbie Gilbert, 07795683598

5.00 plus VAT

St Albans & Northampton Mums UnLtd Business Networking group

This group is run by Debbie Gilbert, owner of Mums UnLtd and Viva Business Support.

Currently meeting online

This business networking event is great for people in the St Albans and Northampton area with a business or looking to start one. Our meetings are friendly and relaxed and you will find lots of help and support, plenty of new contacts and some great guest speakers.

Our speaker this month is Carole Bozkurt from The Blueprint Practice with her talk on converting contacts into buyers.

To convert contacts into buyers you first have to be able to attract them and once you've caught their eye you have to know how to nurture a relationship, so you gain their trust.

Once trust has been established your contact is far more likely to buy from you when they are ready.

But the truth is we don't want to play a waiting game we want to know how to encourage our clients to step forward and work with us sooner rather than later providing it's the right fit.

In this presentation we are going to look at:

Attracting clients

Nurturing client relationships

Converting contacts into buyers

You will be able to promote your business.

Although this St Albans and Northampton business networking group is aimed at Mums in business we welcome anyone along, so just book and attend - there is no membership, professional lock out or strict rules which are often associated with business networking.

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Mums UnLtd


Award winning Networking events aimed at Mums in business but open to non mums and male business owners. We have been running Mums UnLtd since 2011 and we help you gain the right connections for your business and develop strong long term business relationships. We give you flexibility as you can attend any of our events - there is no membership.Pre book the meeting you require on our website.

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