Athena Blackwater Valley - Online Capuccino Connections.

Fri 4 September 2020 09.45 - 11.30

Online via Zoom, N/A, N/A, N/A

Charlotte Emery, 07882993581

5.00 inc VAT

We have taken Athena Networking online ! Our meetings continue using Zoom for us to carry out our networking virtually. We follow exactly the same meeting agenda, giving female business owners the opportunity to connect and support one another in business.

Throughout this period of time, we are giving our existing members the opportunity to attend any Athena network meeting throughout the UK as long as their profession is not already taken in this group. This gives members access to up to 150 meetings per month !

Visitors are welcome to join us (fee applies) to find out about Athena and how our networking groups can help support you too!

Cappuccino Connections is an informal, drop in session for Athena members and visitors providing them with an opportunity to network with members from surrounding Athena groups and the flexibility of a 'drop-in' useful to catch up with one another.

Typically we attract around 20 to 25 local business women for business conversation, for however long it suits them to network and at a time that is convenient to them.

It's the opportunity to make contact with local business ladies and to spend time building those all important business relationships.

For those ladies who haven't visited an Athena group, Cappuccino Connections is a great ice breaker for many new to Athena and/or to networking. Meeting Athena members at these drop in mornings can really help to melt the ice so you feel comfortable about attending one of our Athena Network lunchtime meetings.

We occasionally include an 'Ask The Expert' session during the meeting, providing an opportunity to ask our members burning questions about a topical issue or challenge in an area of their expertise. These tend to take place at around 10:45am for about 20 minutes. They do not include a formal presentation.

There is no structure to Cappuccino Connections meetings and you are welcome to drop in

Cappuccino Connections takes place on the 1st Friday of each month, excluding August and December.

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The Athena Network - Blackwater Valley Region, lunchtime networking for women.

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