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Would you like to be part of a network of like-minded business people delivering support, ideas and business to each other on a regular basis?

The NRG networking group meetings are facilitated to provide a unique forum for building advocacy with other like minded business owners and professionals. The monthly NRG Lunch is structured to ensure you build long term profitable business relationships and meet new people.

The Mastermind session is for business support from your peers and the expert speaker helps you sharpen your business skills.

Visit the website link below or call 0845 40 80 639 to book and take this opportunity to experience it for yourself.

"NRG is sophisticated, upmarket networking at its best" Warren Cass, Business-Scene.Com

"NRG groups are ideal both for accountants who don't like networking and for those who want to network with more established and professional businesses" Mark Lee, Chairman of the Tax Advice Network

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NRG Business Networks Ltd


Are you the Director of a Business or Partner in a Professional Firm and your best business comes via recommendation, and you know the real value of building a network?

At NRG we work with people like you to help you to build a trusted network for business, support and friendship.

Join us at one of our monthly events to see if the NRG approach would suit you and your business.

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