WIBN - The Sustainable Kitchen Cabinet

Thu 25 July 2019 9.30-12.30

Paula Ruane, 07803072101

Grange Strathmore Hotel, 41 Queen's Gate Gardens , London , SW7 5NB

£35 VAT included

Vertue's stimulating format is for women on their sustainability journey at home and work.

Did you know that the UK wastes the most food in the EU, throwing out 7 million tonnes each year, costing approx. £700 per family, The worst offenders are the 18-34 years old who throw out just before or on the sell-by dates

Join us for the July event, "The Sustainable Kitchen Cabinet" with experts and guest speakers plus a round-table section for you to have your say.

Over an absorbing working breakfast, you will be able to hear, share and learn about:-

How to further reduce packaging and food waste

How to make tasty dishes from leftovers and older food.

What the "best by, use by and sell by" dates mean.

How to safely check food yourself and your family.

The increasing scientific-backing for many" Old Wives' Tales and cures from the cupboard

Sneaked in horrors in Supermarket food to give the food eye-appeal and prolong shelf-life.

Maximise limited space to grow herbs providing you with added health benefits.

Why seasonal and local food is the best choice.

Acts of Vertue - small steps to make more change and influence others to do the same

If you are keen to know more and to speed up the change so urgently needed for our planet, nature and ourselves, book your place now.

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I run WIBN groups in Colchester, Kensington and Chelsea and Holborn. Launching Marylebone on the 11th November.

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