Truesilver Web Design & Marketing - Virtual Business Buzz Cambridge

Thu 7 October 2021 10am - 12 noon

ONLINE currently - Event previously held in Cambridge

Leigh Frost, 01767 222631


Book now at https://app.business-buzz.org/app?group=Cambridge

Our new Virtual networking events are now here! If you love relaxed yet highly effective networking - book your place!

We launched our new Virtual Business Buzz events to over 100 Buzz business people and press. The head office team, Regional Leads, Hosts, Ambassadors and Sponsors... and, well, here's just a small taste of what they thought:

Bonita du Ackerman du Preez: A huge well done - this is the way to network.

Nick Raynor: This is a great platform , much easier to create and make conversation

Kelly Molson: Well, this is brilliant! Well done Buzz team! Awesome work on pulling this all together :)

Angus Grady: An amazing Buzz meeting that feels like we are all in the same room. Organised so well and met some fantastic people. Buzz is the best networking event by far and this online experience has simply reinforced that view.

Kris Barnfather: Awesome platform

Gus Bhandal: I love this software!

Kurtis Spencer: Loving the platform by the way!

Jordan Lee-Paskin: Great format, very clever!

Why is everyone so excited about this?

Because it truly emulates a real-life Buzz. Here's how it works:

You arrive virtually and land in the Buzz room.

There's a little tutorial and then you'll see your host on reception. Cue warm Buzz welcome - just like a real Buzz.

There are several virtual tables with a maximum of 6 people on each and you can see who's on each one.

You'll be able to properly mingle in the same way you would at a real Buzz with fluid networking and jump around the virtual room.

There's the added bonus of being able to message people and add extra details to your profile so people can see who you are too.

Need an introduction? No problem. Your Buzz Hosts and Ambassadors are here to help.

We'll give you some extra tips along the way too.

We're really hoping you'll love this new virtual system that brings ALL OF THOSE SPECIAL BUZZ QUALITIES online. So much so, that you'll help us spread the word by continuing to tell everyone how much you enjoy our events as you have been all along.

You do need to book a place in advance, but it's still only £5 and that's easy to do https://app.business-buzz.org/app?group=Cambridge

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