Bristol Business Network - Bristol Business Network - A Zoom event

Wed 18 November 2020 12noon - 2pm

ONLINE currently - Event previously held in Bristol

Sean Humby, 07807 941927

Free to decision makers - contact Sean for an invite

Feel free to join other business owners and decision makers.....virtually of course.....

Hello decision maker, director, business owner

You are invited to the next Bristol Business Network virtual event on 18th November 2020 starting at 12 noon. It's an online meeting from the comfort of your own home or office with your own food and drink and it's free!

From the previous online networking events…..

"Thanks for hosting this Sean - I love your collaborative approach to networking and obviously your quotes are legendary" JB

"It was a pleasure to attend your networking meeting yesterday and it is one the better ones on the circuit." RB

"These online video conference meetings are such a good idea of yours and I'm sure they'll be effective at keeping the group dynamic going" PG

To register in advance for this meeting.....contact me by email sean@business-network.co.uk

"You have been most generous with your time during lockdown and I'm sure everyone in the group has appreciated all the effort you have put in to keep us connected and staying positive." NB

"Thanks everyone for a fab zoom get together! Great seeing everyone again and lovely to meet a few new people too!" SE

To be run as a Bristol Business Network event - with one BIG table, everyone having their 3 minutes

A chance to see others face to face

Share experiences and challenges and bouncing back

Help and support each other and even laugh about things

We have upto 120 minutes so depending on how many join will dictate our "one to all time" (remember the 3 minutes at the lunches!)

10 minute speaker - information, enlightenment and inspiration

An additional question or task or.....full details when you register!

Even bring your own lunch and/or beverage!

Event itinerary

Welcome and meeting protocol.....

Contributions from all those present - at least 3 minutes each!

what you do, what you have been doing and how you're looking to bounce back

what help/support can others give you and the people you do business with

a positive, uplifting story that has grabbed you during the last few weeks

And the additional questions....full details when you register!

"That was a very entertaining show and thanks for getting it up and running on this format. So easy!" NP

"I loved it, what an awesome bunch of people." EP

"Thanks for a very welcoming and relaxed session. What a lovely bunch you are!" VC

To register in advance for this meeting.....contact me by email sean@business-network.co.uk

Event Organised By

Bristol Business Network


A Different Kind of Networking - For senior decision makers (business owners, directors, partners) in Bristol

Currently hosting events on Zoom due to the Covid19 situation

"If you are looking you join a business network in Bristol then this is by far the best! Not only will you get to meet some interesting and influential people in a networking format which is different and really works but you will also get the opportunity to attend free monthly seminars on a wide range of topics which will be useful to you and your business"

Bristol Business Network has been operating successfully in Bristol since 1993, and because we target senior decision-makers it is all about establishing meaningful business relationships - not a 'hard sell'.

Research has long supported the view that networking is a key factor in the success of fast growth companies. It allows the business person to build new business relationships, 'knowledge share' and generate business opportunities simultaneously. Many business people prefer face-to-face networking because they prefer actually knowing and meeting who they intend to do business with. Don't just take our word for it - come and chat to our members and let then tell you why they find our format so effective.

Each monthly event

Business seminar

THE networking lunch

Networking over drinks 11.45am - 12.30pm

Structured networking lunch 12.30pm - 2pm tables hosted, seating plan designed, delegate list provided, dietary requirements catered for

Event finishes at 2pm

Membership of Bristol Business Network is Corporate & is open to all types & size of business. There is no joining fee, membership can be spread using monthly payments.

Attending an event does not commit an organisation to join, just the opportunity to see for yourself why members enjoy a competitive advantage and have done for decades!

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