Networking Group Profile: The Curry Club UK

For our latest Networking Group profile, Steve Kettle from the long running networking group Curry Club UK tells us about his new online networking events.

  • Stuart Russell
  • Wednesday 1 July 2020
Networking Group Profile: The Curry Club UK

What is your Networking Organisation called?

The Curry Club UK

How long has the organisation been running events?

12 years

Where do you run your events and how frequently?

These events happen online via Zoom after registering on our portal. There are events every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Occasionally there are two a day, but most of the time there is one event each day.

The events we hold “take place” in several cities: Manchester, Milton Keynes, London, East London, Leeds, Harrow and Midlands.

When the events were in-person, they actually took place in these cities mentioned once a month at a high-end Indian restaurant

Briefly describe your events?

These events are meant to be informal while connecting with business professionals. The conversations are catered towards helping people with their business, as well as checking on how people are dealing with the state of the business world.

Our online events have several experts from our Expert Panel present to give advice and updates on anything important regarding those on the Zoom call. For our in-person events, we usually have a guest speaker present as people network over a curry and a beer in a high-end Indian restaurant.

What do you think makes your events different?

The Curry Club UK is different than just any networking service because it was created with the focus on British values and culture. Curry is a big part of British culture and it harbours friendship, not just a formal partnership. What makes the Online Curry Club special is the opportunity people have to connect with people in various UK cities without ever leaving their houses. If someone is looking to expand their business from London to Manchester but aren’t sure who to contact, they can join a Manchester networking event and begin connecting.

What kinds of businesses attend your events?

Our online events are limited to 25 people per event, currently, but we are looking to increase attendees to further engage people. We have members and attendees in various business sectors: legal and insolvency, property, health & wellbeing, digital media/content creating, banking and social media consults, for example. Most of the attendees are male, but we have an even amount of male and female members. The size of people’s businesses range; most businesses seem to be of medium-small size.

Our networking sessions are open to anyone looking to expand their business and connect with others in their area. We try not to cater our events to exclusive businesses, unless we have a special guest speaker who focuses on a specific business sector.

What is your top tip for people attending your events?

There is an agenda for each of our events: introduction from our host and expert panel, then every present attendee has the opportunity to give a 60 second elevator pitch of their company/role. This is the benefit of having max 25 people on the Zoom calls because then every person has the chance to put out their business details. Our advice is to be prepared to spotlight what you do and what your business is about because that is what will make people want to connect with you.

Be professional but also personal. Our Curry Club events are more than chatting about the latest business news. We always have time set aside in the calls for check-ins and tips on how people are staying sane during lockdown and what everyone is looking forward to the most once the pandemic subsides. These personal moments create better bonds between our members and hopefully their business partnerships, as well.

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