5 things you can do to Get Attention for your Business

Struggling to come up with ideas to promote your business that won't cost the earth? Have a look at these 5 top tips from Colette Machado and get yourself noticed!

  • Colette Machado
  • Tuesday 7 April 2015
5 things you can do to Get Attention for your Business

1. Send out a press release

Do you have a story that is newsworthy? One that is really newsworthy! Once you are sure you have a great story to pitch to the media, find out which publications your ideal clients read. Make sure that you are crystal clear about the stories they cover and what sort of style and tone it is written in. Write a well-written press release (or get one written for you), and find out who is the person you need to send your release to. Ensure you craft a great headline, and put this in the Subject line of your email address. Make sure you follow up!

2. Pitch a story idea

You don’t always have to send a press release to the media to get featured in their publication. Once you have identified your target publication, put together a short pitch consisting of three lines maximum. If you have a great product you want to get out there, target gift sections or fashion round-ups. If you want to promote your services you could be suited to an ‘ask the expert’ style interview or article. Ensure you have a strong “hook”, an angle which draws the reader in.

3. Position yourself as an expert

Whether in an e-book, a blog post, an online article, a YouTube video, or through social media platforms, creating compelling content, is a great way to get business exposure. In addition, delivering talks and presentations where you can show off your knowledge and expertise is a winner also!

4. Create partnerships

When you create a partnership with a like-minded company (not a competitor) you can gain attention from their customers while they gain attention from yours. You have the same target group but are offering clients different products or services. Partnerships can be great, but they can go wrong too, so ensure agree terms and conditions with the company you are considering partnering with before you start working together.

5. Work within the community

Participating in an event or campaign where you can contribute or share your talent with your local community or a local charity will put you in a position of meeting a range of new people and gaining more exposure for your business. Usually you will be able to promote your business, whether your logo or your website address, in the organisation’s newsletter, website, or other promotional material.

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