Link4Growth Ltd - Link4Drinks - Peterborough

Tue 9 October 2012 6:00pm – 8:30pm

Nikki Pepper, 07887747820

Paul Pry, 1023 Lincoln Road , Peterborough , Peterborough , PE4 6AH


Link4Drinks are informal drop in sessions that provide an ideal opportunity to unwind and connect with - not just local business people - but all kinds of interesting individuals from your local community; artists, musicians, doctors, teachers, geeks, policymakers, students, chefs, lawyers, retailers - we even welcome traffic wardens and tax collectors! :) Like our popular Coffee events there are no attendance fees or barriers, just come along, buy your own drinks and prepare to engage!

Use Link4Drinks to catch up with colleagues and friends as well as making new connections too…

Find out what's happening in the community from local people as well as what else Link4Growth is hosting in your area.

Link4Drinks runs at the times shown above and you can speak with as many, or as few, people as you wish!

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Link4Growth Ltd

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