BNI - Business Networking in Preston - BNI Brunch

Fri 12 July 2024 9.30am-11am

Samlesbury Hotel, Preston New Rd, Preston, PR5 0UL

Louise Eccles, 0161 667 6607


Would you like a supportive and collaborative business community to help you grow your business?

Networking has proven to be one of the most effective ways to generate referrals and revenue growth.

82% of Business Owners say that most of their business comes from referrals. However, most don't have a reliable way of getting referrals consistently.

BNI offers a proven referral marketing strategy that helps you grow your local business, through a trusted network of like-minded people that come together to help each other grow.

In the last 12 months the 500+ members across the region invoiced in excess of £29M as a direct result of referrals received as a member of their chapter.

- Would you like to build relationships with more local businesses in a supportive environment?

- Want to get a better return on the time you spend networking?

- Is winning new clients important to your business?

We are confident we can help.


Pay at venue - £10 per person

Come along and see how we can help you grow your business.

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In BNI GME/KC, we don't follow the 'smash and grab' approach of many networking events which usually only deliver a quick short-term fix (once you've elbowed your competition out of the way). We believe that building strong relationships with other businesses and working together through collaboration creates much better results. Not only that, but it's more rewarding too.

When we build chapters, we are actually creating a community full of relationships, where members help each other and create business together. We find that we don't just make an impact on our own businesses, the effect spreads much wider.

Every piece of business generated in BNI helps the business owner, their family, their employees, and because of the way money re-circulates around the economy, it helps the wider business community.


FIND OUT MORE:https://www.linkedin.com/smart-links/AQHRfcX-I4TjhA

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