Your Business Matters - LAUNCH of The Connections Club Stamford

Wed 9 October 2024 11.45am - 2pm

The William Cecil, St. Martins, Stamford, PE9 2LJ

Barbara Hodgson, 01933 652 884


Following on from the success of the Connections Club Northants, the Connections Club in Stamford is launching on Wednesday 9th October!


Are you a business owner, decision maker or influencer? Are you looking to meet with likeminded businesses? Are you a micro SME or Sme's or partnership? Then this could be the group for you.

The Connections Club

Practical, Professional & Profitable Networking

Open to Business Owners, Influencers, and Leaders only, we understand the importance of networking in business.

We focus on business excellence with quality businesses sharing best practice and learning with each other and from other experts we bring in not on the networking circuit.

Join our members to connect, build and maintain relationships.

The Connections Club is a structured and professional networking group that gives you the opportunity to connect with other business owners who are serious about growth, allows you to promote your own business and you take away a valuable skill, learning or insight - at every single meeting.

Attendees are carefully selected to ensure that each meeting is filled with decision-makers and influencers - so you meet the right people to help you grow.

Arrival is 11.45am for a prompt start at 12pm. The meeting then runs until 2pm.

The Connections Club is a paid event (the visitor fee is £35). If you would prefer to pay direct please email barbara@yourbusinessmatters.co.

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Your Business Matters


We are called Your Business Matters because it does - it matters to you and it matters to us.

We give business owners the opportunities and tools to grow their connections, skills and their profits through small business networking events and business skills courses.

Your Business Matters has one single objective - to help small businesses to grow. And that is achieved by enabling business owners to meet the right connections, acquire the right skills and learn from other business owners' experiences.

Networking in The Business Room is primarily for start-ups, sole traders, franchisees and MLMs.

Perfect for larger or more established businesses there is The Connections Club, attended exclusively by business owners and decision makers.

Both networking groups are run as regular, structured meetings and focus on developing long-term relationships, valuable business connections and delivering results.

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