Cruze Financial Solutions - Pinner Women in Business Networking

2nd Thursday of every month at 10.30am - 12.30pm

Daisy's & Co, 33-35 High Street, Pinner, HA5 5JP

Sarah Drakard, 07931 702 681


I started the Pinner Women In Business Network in 2014 and it grew to a huge group of supportive inspirational business who still pass me business now and vice versa. During lockdown etc I lost my mojo and stopped the meetings but after having a baby I really missed this kind of networking so we started meeting again. We meet on the 2nd Thursday of every month at Daisy & Co on the High Street (not to be confused with Daisy's in the Park). It's fairly informal networking - arrive, join us, order whatever drinks or food you want and get chatting. About half way through we do a quick 1 minute intro so everyone gets to hear from everyone. I bring my 9 month old breast fed son to each meeting so you're very welcome to bring children or babies if you haven't got childcare or just fancy bringing them! The whole point is we are a group of women who understand the unique pressures women face in business and try to come together to support each other grow our businesses. We have a wide variety of businesses that attend and anyone is welcome!

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Cruze Financial Solutions


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