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Tue 4 April 2023 11.45am - 2pm

Delapré Abbey, Delapré Abbey Preservation Trust, Abbey Cottage, London Road, Northampton, NN4 8AW

Barbara Hodgson, 01933652884


Small Business Networking Events

Successful networking opportunities don't just happen, they are created through

• A carefully selected group of people, to maximise useful connections and increase Word of Mouth promotion

• An effective and efficient format to ensure everyone can speak and is heard

• A long term approach, because relationships aren't built in an hour.

The Connections Club networking events are designed in exactly this way. Networking is only successful when you meet the right people, so we are selective about our members. At the Connections club you only meet decision-makers, influencers and leaders.

How are the meetings run?

Online the meeting structure is:

• 3 rounds of break out rooms where you give & hear a 60-second introduction from everyone in your room

• An open session where you will hear from a speaker who may share business learnings or a skill, chair a debate or manage a discussion amongst the room.

Whatever the topic, you will take away something that you can apply to your business.

• A pre-arranged on 2 one with another person in the room

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Your Business Matters


We are called Your Business Matters because it does - it matters to you and it matters to us.

We give business owners the opportunities and tools to grow their connections, skills and their profits through small business networking events and business skills courses.

Your Business Matters has one single objective - to help small businesses to grow. And that is achieved by enabling business owners to meet the right connections, acquire the right skills and learn from other business owners' experiences.

Networking in The Business Room is primarily for start-ups, sole traders, franchisees and MLMs.

Perfect for larger or more established businesses there is The Connections Club, attended exclusively by business owners and decision makers.

Both networking groups are run as regular, structured meetings and focus on developing long-term relationships, valuable business connections and delivering results.

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