The Athena Network - Cappuccino Connections - The Athena Network

Thu 20 April 2023 10am - 12pm

The Ivy House, London Road, Chalfont St. Giles, HP8 4RS

Jacqueline Rogers, 07834 686706

30.00 (inc. VAT)

Join us for Cappuccino Connections at The Ivy House, an informal in-person networking meeting for business women professionals/entrepreneurs looking to network in the Chilterns and Hertfordshire area.

If you are a professional or business woman and serious about your business and personal growth, our members would love to meet and network with you! This is our informal networking event. Register, attend and see if we're a good fit for each other!

We're so looking forward to welcoming you!

p.s. When you book we will email all of the preparation details including how you can get the most out of the event.


Cappuccino Connections (CC) events are informal networking events. Meet over coffee or drink of your choice at the wonderful Ivy House.

Unlimited attendance for members at no cost. Just show up via your PASS+ booking link.

If you are not a member of The Athena Network you can visit for £30 (deducted from your annual membership fee if you choose to join us)


"I want to say how amazing I think you all are. I joined Athena in the first lockdown - I thought I'd take a gamble and join something that was not a familiar structure - it may work/it may not work I thought. It's worked! And that's because you guys are so supportive and genuine - and that's quite rare, in my opinion."

The East Chilterns and South West Hertfordshire Cappuccino Connections is hosted at The Ivy House on the 3rd Thursday of the month from 10am - 12pm.

Our monthly online meetings are hosted on;

Amersham - 1st Tuesday of the month

Watford - 1st Wednesday of the month

Beaconsfield - 1st Thursday of the month

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The Athena Network


ALL of our monthly networking events are being hosted virtually. We'd love to meet you!

Networking is widely recognised as THE MOST POWERFUL, EFFECTIVE and FASTEST way to grow your business and local women are embracing it with open arms and are delighted with the results.

Some fantastic connections are being made as ladies find suppliers, clients and colleagues within the groups they attend.

Many ladies are now working on joint projects and considerably enhancing the services they offer their clients.

A typical group will have members from large corporates, SMEs and sole traders. Ladies should be able to find all the skills they need within each group to help them establish and develop their businesses.

The Athena Network operates a 'one discipline only' policy so once a profession is represented at a local group, all competition is effectively locked out and all business from the group is referred to that one individual. A group normally has 25 members and members are able to visit other groups if their profession isn't already represented.

Athena regularly runs training courses and workshops to develop member's business skills. In addition there is an informal network of Cappuccino Connections run throughout the area for ladies who want to see what all the excitement is all about

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