Affinity Women's Networking - Affinity Women's Networking for Empathetic Business Owners

Every Monday at 9.30am (except bank holidays)

ONLINE currently - Event previously held in Hartley Wintney

Lauren Hughes, 07525760920

£10 (inc. VAT)

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I'd love to invite you to networking for people who hate networking!

We're an international online networking group for women who want to make friends, collaborate, pass heartfelt referrals to people they genuinely trust and have a bloody good giggle along the way!

The highlights;

* No 60 sec pitches!! Hurrah!

* 1 hour sessions so you leave feeling uplifted

* 1:1 breakout rooms for ten mins so you can actually connect

* Ice breaker questions to help get conversation started

* A thriving and busy Facebook community to follow-up and connect after the sessions

* tons of support from women who genuinely care about you and your business (essentially, your own cheerleading squad!)

So come join us, find out more on the website and join here: https://affinitywomensnetworking.com/join/

It's £10 for the first four weeks and you can come to as many sessions as you like (10 available each month) and it's £30 a month after the trial period.

The membership includes access to the Affinity Toolkit which is full of great resources relating to Branding, Mindset and Visibility plus all of the Guest Masterclasses on replay.

It also includes a customisable business listing in our public directory!

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Affinity Women's Networking


We are an online women's networking group for people who hate networking!

The quick facts;

01 - We're international and online

02 - We're for heart led, empathetic women who are a little bit woo

03 - We don't do any elevator pitches

04 - Our breakoutrooms are 121 for better quality connection

05 - Our sessions are only an hour long so leave feeling uplifted

06 - We have a thriving, busy community Facebook group

07 - We have in person socials (not networking meetings)

08 - Come as you are on any given day and know you'll feel seen, heard and supported and completely free of judgement

09 - Oh and we're a lottle bit Woo!

Affinity is all about helping you to feel comfortable enough to show up as your unapologetic self, building confidence through conversation and support and creating a successful business that actually feels really great!

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