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Fri 8 October 2021 12pm - 1.30pm

ONLINE currently - Event previously held in Abingdon

Tracey Davis, 01905 947150

£9.58 inc VAT

At the heart of Sterling Networking groups, is a core value of networking with integrity.

We never pressurise anybody to join any of our groups at any time and would much rather a prospective member visit their selected group at least twice before joining, which enables both the prospective member and the group to make sure they are a good 'fit' before.

We strongly believe in business collaboration wherever possible and help to facilitate 1 - 1 face to face meetings between members and also visiting guests to ensure a good understanding of each other's business.

How our networking breakfasts work...

We follow an agenda, which allows for introductions and informal as well as formal networking, as well as the friendly banter you would expect from a professional and personable group.

12:00pm Meeting begins with a tea, coffee, water or juice and enjoy 15 minutes' informal networking.

12:15pm Lunch is served or collected (or vegetarian option).

12:30pm '60-second round'. This is an opportunity for each member and guest to introduce themselves and their business, defining the kinds of referrals and any particular introductions they currently seek.

1:15pm 'Engine Room' break. This is the crucial part of our meetings whereby after listening to the 60 second introductions from members and guests, this is a great opportunity to connect and arrange your 1 - 1 appointments with businesses you would like to know more about. At the same time a chance to refill your beverage.

1:30pm Member presentation to the group is 10 minutes. This is a great platform, when members can describe their business more fully, and give an opportunity for their group to understand the nature and direction of their business. Brilliant for new projects and new ideas. Invaluable!

8:10am The 'activity round' comes next. This is when members and guests are invited to summarise what's been happening with their business within Sterling Networks during the previous two weeks, which may include referrals made and received, give thanks to other members and guests, describe any 'one-to-one' meetings held outside the breakfast meeting and share any latest news.

At 2:00pm Meeting closes, but you're welcome to stay on for extra networking and discussion if you wish.

How much does it cost?

Annual membership is just £329 + VAT. After that it's just £15.60 for each meeting, collected by direct debit.

Remember, we actively encourage you to come along to one or two meetings at the same group or different groups before you decide whether or not to join. We really want you to make the most of your membership and that it is a good 'fit' for both you and the group.

What are the benefits?

Networking: business development is just one of many benefits!

Business networking brings diverse professionals together for mutual benefits, including:

• introductions to potential new customers

• build a wide network of business contacts

• gain the help and support of fellow networkers... and benefit from their expertise

• share your own knowledge and experience: 'giving back'

• source partners and suppliers you can trust

• discuss new ideas and emerging trends

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Welcome to Sterling,

Sterling builds business communities through Networking groups,Boardrooms and Sterling Connections,where conversations lead to collaboration and referrals.

Sterling stands for success.The Sterling ethos is long standing business relationships built on collaboration and Integrity, whilst actively connecting businesses, enabling co-creation, collaboration and mutual support.

Members of the Sterling community benefit from:

• collaborative business relationships

• quality referrals

• business support

• business development

• networking with positive professionals.

Sterling welcomes you. Start a conversation with Sterling.

Contact us: 01905 947 150

Email: Info@sterlingnetworks.co.uk

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