Your Business Matters - Your Business Matters - The Northampton Business Room

Thu 8 April 2021 11.30am - 1.30pm

ONLINE currently - Event previously held in Northampton

Barbara Hodgson, 07504 / 946 585 / 01933652884


Small Business Networking Events

You probably already attend some small business networking events, or are planning to because you know that it is an important tool to help build your business.

It's also very probable that you have mixed feelings about networking.

And that is understandable, because not all networking is useful networking.

The Business Room is open to employees, sole traders, SMEs and MLMs who are committed to building their business and helping others achieve the same.

The members' attitude and approach is more important than what they sell, so it works for business people who take a long-term, strategic approach. (If you only want a quick sell to the people in the room and aren't interested in building strategic partnerships or business alliances, this isn't the networking group for you.)

If you are looking for profitable, professional and practical networking, run in a friendly and approachable way, take a seat in The Business Room.

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Your Business Matters


We are called Your Business Matters because it does - it matters to you and it matters to us.

We give business owners the opportunities and tools to grow their connections, skills and their profits through small business networking events and business skills courses.

Your Business Matters has one single objective - to help small businesses to grow. And that is achieved by enabling business owners to meet the right connections, acquire the right skills and learn from other business owners' experiences.

Networking in The Business Room is primarily for start-ups, sole traders, franchisees and MLMs.

Perfect for larger or more established businesses there is The Connections Club, attended exclusively by business owners and decision makers.

Both networking groups are run as regular, structured meetings and focus on developing long-term relationships, valuable business connections and delivering results.

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