U2B Networking (U2BN) - Brand New U2BN Online Brunch Group in Solihull

Mon 13 July 2020 10.30am - 12pm

ONLINE currently - Event previously held in Solihull, Birmingham

Andy, 07827769681



Our productive and successful meeting for small & medium businesses has come to Solihull, Birmingham and the meetings are free.

In this group you will experience much more than from a  regular networking meeting, with our hands on unique supportive features. Our Business Education feature, gives you insights, advice and help with business topics that you can take away and implement into your business. Our HCWHY feature gives you help, advice and support with challenges your business is facing or with new ideas that you have, to grow your business. Our My Story, My Business feature allows you to really let us know the person behind the business, to better understand who you are and how we can help and support you, building those lasting, working relationships.  You get the opportunity to raise brand awareness, showcase your business, and receive written, pre qualified business opportunities, our equivalent of referrals. These written business opportunities will lead to guaranteed sales & income, build engagement with other partners and help you promote offers from your business. We have the lowest subscription in the region, for subscription based referral business meetings, giving you at least a 42% saving compared to other franchised networking organisations, we meet every 2 weeks, so your meeting fees are less per month too. This gives you a saving to invest into your business. We also have an easy instalment plan to spread the cost. No wonder we are seeing a rise of 70% more businesses and entreprenuers joining Yoo2Be Networking groups during these hard economic times.

Our great value Partnership and events attract directors, business owners and decision makers, across all business sectors, that value building long-term mutually beneficial relationships that lead to the growth of their business sales. We understand not everyone can or wants to commit to weekly business meetings, so we meet once every 2 weeks.

We work diligently to understand who our partners want to meet, where they are looking to grow, and in and outside of the meetings, we facilitate introductions for you, to the right people you are looking for, to extend your sales network and build a larger database of connections.

Our partners on average increase their business by 35% using the group as part of their sales & business strategy. Increase their business knowledge by 30% and by the end of their first year partnership, have added multiple value to their business and grown in sales knowledge and confidence. All our business and development training is free for partners and can be done online or physically at a venue.

We have an Advisory team who support partners by gaining an understanding of their business via strategic conversations, to ensure they achieve a return, both in terms of their time at our meetings and investment in partnership.

This group is ambitious to help local businesses in your area, it will do this by filling the group with directors, entreprenuers, sole traders and decision makers and  has a target of 30 committed and consistent partners who understand the value of networking and business development and will work together to pass business opportunities to each other at every meeting. This group with a bit of work from you and a lot of work from us, will add at least £25'000 or more to your business turnover.

Are you looking to grow your business or expand your business into new areas? As a partner of our group, you can utilise this opportunity for your business / company to attend a meeting at our Yoo2Be Networking in Solihull online group

We only have a maximum of 30 partners in this group to ensure full value to each partner is given at a meeting, this will help you to better connect with everyone, bond easier and secure more business sales. Only 1 business owner per profession. This is a new group, so you now have the opportunity to secure your place for your sector in this group and reap all the new business a new group always generates. To book onto this meeting, use the link to Eventbrite futher down or email hello@u2bnetworking.co.uk with your interest or call Andy on 07827769681

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U2B Networking (U2BN)



U2B Networking's mission is to build your success, by sharing knowledge, experience, and excellent connections, helping each other increase business by passing qualified referrals and achieve success with qualified professionals, through our "How Can We Help You" referral meetings.


To give you the platform, connections, tools and help, that will build your success, educate, increase sales, build confidence and empower partners to build business success together.

The reason that a business wants to or should  be networking is to resolve a part of their business they are not happy with or want help with.

What are the common reasons

1. How to get more sales and where to find new customers.

2. How to find reliable referral partners to help and grow their business.

3. How to build relationships in order to showcase their services or products to build confidence in others to refer them.

U2B Networking (U2BN) formally Yoo2Be Networking has been helping small and medium sized businesses since 2016, with our "How Can We Help You" referral meeting format. We have the answers to the above concerns for all businesses, whether a start up, been trading for 1-5 years or trading for 5+ years. You can find our group meetings on here and other social and events platforms.

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