U2B Networking (U2BN) - New U2BN Brunch Group in Wolverhampton

Every Wednesday morning at 10.30am

The Mount Hotel, Mount Road, Wolverhampton, WV6 8HL

Andy, 07827769681


From time to time we all need a little help in our businesses. The Yoo2Be Networking (U2BN) meeting format does this. This meting starts on the 11th March. Yoo2Be Networking aspires to be a different kind of networking, to push boundaries. We give you control, you choose how you and your business network. Come and experience and get involved in our successful Business Education talks, if you can give value regarding a business topic, then you can have the opportunity to be the speaker to the meeting. Get involved and experience our very popular How Can We Help You sessions, have your very own advisory board of CEO's and Directors giving you help and advice with every day challenges of your business. Get the chance to spotlight in the My Story, My Business + our, a room full of referrals, where you walk away with at least 1 new business referral every time. Free business and development training and free training on how to make business networking successful and profitable for your business. Everyone in the room embraces a philosophy of helping one another. Don't want the pressure of having to commit or be bound by rules, you don't have to pay a membership, just pay as you attend, your not committed to attend every meeting. The fee is just £15 which includes brunch, new connections and new business, plus all the value mentioned above. With us we said you get to choose, so if you are looking to commit, if you want to freeze everyone from your profession out of this group for 6 months, 12 months or 24 months and secure all the advice and referrals for yourself, then you can do that as well, by becoming a group partner. Come and see how it all works for your benefit and how the group helps your business.

We build connections with each other at 10am, brunch is served at 10.15am, we ask that all attendees arrive no later than 10.15am, so that we can get you booked in and fed before the sit down part of our meeting starts.

If you want to attend call Andy on 07827769681 alternatively email a.o@yoo2be.com

Meet. Build. Help. Grow. is what we do at Yoo2Be Networking. Helping you to be successful and grow is our goal.

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U2B Networking (U2BN)



U2B Networking's mission is to build your success, by sharing knowledge, experience, and excellent connections, helping each other increase business by passing qualified referrals and achieve success with qualified professionals, through our "How Can We Help You" referral meetings.


To give you the platform, connections, tools and help, that will build your success, educate, increase sales, build confidence and empower partners to build business success together.

The reason that a business wants to or should  be networking is to resolve a part of their business they are not happy with or want help with.

What are the common reasons

1. How to get more sales and where to find new customers.

2. How to find reliable referral partners to help and grow their business.

3. How to build relationships in order to showcase their services or products to build confidence in others to refer them.

U2B Networking (U2BN) formally Yoo2Be Networking has been helping small and medium sized businesses since 2016, with our "How Can We Help You" referral meeting format. We have the answers to the above concerns for all businesses, whether a start up, been trading for 1-5 years or trading for 5+ years. You can find our group meetings on here and other social and events platforms.

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