The Oxfordshire Project - Brackley

Mon 22 January 2018 09:30 - 11:30

Ben Molyneux, 07900890811

The Green Room, 6 Bridge St , Brackley , NN13 7EP

£20 No VAT (£15 Members)

The Oxfordshire Project is a business networking community set up to support and help local businesses to grow.

Our focus is on building a community rather than just contacts, and our members benefit from the supportive community of businesses who trust each other and work towards the same goal.

Our speaker will be Alasdair Lane.

How techniques in sport can improve your performance in business.

The transfer of techniques and principles between sport and business has always been popular with many success stories. These concepts all have one thing in common… we are all human beings and we are all expected to perform no matter what you do for a living. For many of us we can get away with not feeling great occasionally and can struggle though the working day without anyone realising how it is impacting our performance. However, footballers have to perform consistently every day in training and every week in matches. Their success, or failure is very public whereas we can hide behind the computer some days. Find out how you can perform consistently day-to-day by discovering some of the techniques and methods Alasdair uses with his footballers can be used in business.

Event Organised By

The Oxfordshire Project

Our mission is to impact the local businesses of Oxfordshire in a positive way, providing assistance and support to new and existing businesses, encouraging the community at large to support local business and help them grow.

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